Call for a demonstration in Kassel at 12.12.2015

Germany, autumn of 2015: throughout the country a rhetoric of emergency prevails. It is claimed that the ‘refugee crisis’ is overburdening the country. This is wrong: the problems connected to the housing of refugees are the result of misled policies.

Assembly: 2pm at the Hugenottenhaus, Friedrichsstr. 25 (2 min. walk from Rathaus/Town Hall)

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Mass accommodation nurtures racism

In tiny spaces, with unfamiliar people, far from the city centres and often without a perspective to stay – this is how people who fled from war, poverty and the lack of prospects have to live in Germany. Tent and container camps and far-off mass accommodations are incompatible with the right to live with human dignity. Mass accommodation, moreover, obstructs the interchange with the rest of the population and thus makes a culture of meeting each other impossible. This is extremely dangerous in a situation where far-right parties and movements take with racism to the streets, since it prepares the grounds for agitation and assaults.

For a change of policy

A change of policy is needed: decentralised accommodation and societal participation of refugees, rather than exclusion and mass accommodation. This includes integral support from social workers and psychologists. The demand for private accommodation for refugees is often rebutted with reference to a general lack of living space. This serves to obscure political failure, since the question of affordable housing has been neglected for years. Municipal housing was privatised, construction is predominantly in high-price segments. Rents in Kassel are rising. At the same time, existing living space is left unoccupied. The argument of empty coffers is cynical especially for a city like Kassel which is benefitting from business tax contributions by big arms corporations and thus benefits from what causes people to flee, from crises and wars.

Together for social housing and self-determined living

The so-called ‘problem of refugee accommodation’ is part and parcel of misled housing policies. These equally affect students, low earners, beneficiaries of transfer payments, pensioners, single parents and refugees. Self-determined living must not become a privilege. Our fight for living space and against the undermining of the right to asylum can only be successful if we stand together. Come to the demonstration and demand with us:

  • the immediate implementation of a programme to create living space with human dignity for refugees – abolish mass accommodation!
  • legal initiatives to permit access to and the use of idle housing capacities – empty houses to living spaces!
  • a public investment programme for affordable and self-determined living for everyone – social housing instead of property speculation and luxury apartments!
  • equal rights for all instead of deprivation of rights and deportations – no to restricting the right to asylum!

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